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RanOnline Release and Guide Resource Thread

You can find all the important and helpful threads regarding RAN Server Development Here. If I missed out any important threads, Just PM me and I'll add it in for you.

Remember: You must have an account for Ragezone before you to proceed. To register, go to Thank you and God bless...^_^

Starting Guides for Setting-up your Server:
  • Episode 3:
03-02-2011 [Guide] Ran Online Ep3 For Newbies
09-13-2009 [Release] Guide How To Make EP3 Ran Server (with steps)
01-11-2009 [Video Guide] Ran Online Ep3 Making
07-01-2008 [Guide] How to Make Your Own Server (EP3 & EP4)

  • Episode 4:
04-06-2010 [Guide] Make Your Own Server Ep4
07-01-2008 [Guide] How to Make Your Own Server (EP3 & EP4)

  • Episode 5/Epidose 6 Season 1:
05-26-2010 [Guide] Setting Up Your Own Ran Online Ep5 For Newbie
  • Episode 6 Season 2:
01-06-2011 [Guide] Official Guide on Setting Up an Ep6 S2 Server
  • Battle Royale:
05-26-2010 [Release] Ranonline Battle Royale Client And Server Files Version 1

EP6s2 Client / Server Modifications

01-16-2011 [Share] Surfboard for Ep6 Season 2
11-08-2010 [Re-Share]Perfect EP6 S2 Client :D

EP6s1(EP5) Client / Server Modifications

06-06-2010 [Share] OmegaRAN Online Ep6S1 Client
05-28-2010 [Guide] to use Emulator [EP6s1/EP5 Only]
05-24-2010 [Share] Share 2 Working EP5[6] Client

EP4 Client / Server Modifications

04-05-2009 [Release] CHF Normal Character Height
03-21-2009 [Share] RanTW 2009 177 Skill
01-03-2009 [Share] New Emotions
12-09-2008 [Release] 7- 247 Ep4 Skills.
11-30-2008 [Guide] Video Guide On Making EP4 Server
11-29-2008 [Dev/Release] Triggers Compilation
11-28-2008 [Release] Complete Pet DB for EP4
11-22-2008 [Release] BK's GMC
11-11-2008 [Release] Ep4 Quest Editor
10-07-2008 [Guide] How to use mob_gen_ex command
09-24-2008 [Share] Ran episode 4 clients w/ Mirrors included
09-17-2008 [Share] Ep4 Ran Client and Patches
08-15-2008 [Share] Realigned & corrected Question Item
08-12-2008 [Share] EP4Servers Compact Edition w/ServerManger
07-24-2008 [Share] 100% English NPC for EP4
07-15-2008 [Share] My 300 skills for EP4 and english mini maps!!
07-13-2008 [Share] Item.isf w/ PUM & 157mix class brawler skill
07-09-2008 [Development] Official Development For PetDB
06-30-2008 [Guide] Converting EP3 DB to EP4 DB
06-11-2008 [Share] database RanGame1, Haircolor & Hairstyle fixed..
06-06-2008 [Guide] How to run just only 1 field server in our EP4 project

EP3 mixed EP4 Client / Server Modifications

04-06-2009 [Share] EP8 & EPX Weapon Cps for EP3 Client
03-21-2009 [Share] RanTW 2009 Death Jail Map
03-15-2009 [Share] Episode 4 Honoured CPS. for EP3 Client
10-11-2008 [Release] Most dependable client for ep3
10-27-2008 [Share]Ran Online Ep3 Clients w/ MIRRORS
07-09-2008 [Share]New Mixed EP3-EP4 Client Mirror
07-08-2008 [Share]How to Decrypt and Use EP4 default.charclass
04-20-2008 [Share] Near perfect Client of URO Network ^_^
02-18-2008 [Server Files] Premodified EP4 Server Files: Mini Edition
02-17-2008 [Client Files] English Mini Maps.
12-23-2007 [Guide] Tutorial Making Ran Offline with video, ranserver & ranclient ep4
06-01-2006 [Guide] 3rd part Setting up ODBC with pictures...
06-01-2006 [Guide] Howto: Install RAN Online With Pictures.

Hexing Guides

04-09-2009 [Share] How to make a Scroll for your Skill
04-08-2009 [Guide] Changing loginman movement
04-06-2009 [Guide] Solving "Can't Load SkinObject, Wrong Version" error.
04-05-2009 [Guide] Hex The Item to Make it Upgraded already while at the item.isf
01-12-2009 [Guide] How to Remove Totally the Expiration of the item
01-03-2009 [Guide] Put - Remove Expiration- Tradable or Non-tradable
12-03-2008 [Guide] How To Make Scroll By Hexing Item.isf
11-22-2008 [Guide] Adding/Transferring Items from one item.isf to other
10-23-2008 [Guide] How To EDIT the Damage, Icon and Gen ID by HEXING
03-19-2008 [Share] Create,Modify,Design your New Armor from old

Ran Control Panel/Web Files/Guides

03-13-2011 [Release] Blue Website (BabyRan CP)
02-13-2011 [Re-Share] BossRAN Control Panel ASP Version
01-22-2011 [Share] RanOnline Blogger Template
12-24-2010 [Share] Aether Ran Dutch X CP
09-01-2009 [Release] Jeyci RanCP
04-03-2009 [Share] New Status.php v1.0
03-15-2009 [Guide] How to Open a RAN WebServer ASP Version (ising IIS)
02-05-2009 [Release]Web Anti-Inject Protection
12-20-2008 [Compilation] All Web Server
12-10-2008 [Guide] Making RANCP for Newbies with video tutorial
12-01-2008 [Development] Character Creation Thru CP
11-22-2008 [Release] Mirrors of CiMeD's Files For RanCP
11-20-2008 [Release] Mod. Rancp for ep4
08-25-2008 [Share]Status.php with Pet System ^_^!!
08-11-2008 [Share] Modified RanCP with mixclass changing.
08-05-2008 [Share] New RAN Web
07-25-2008 [Guide] How to make Your own RanCP (ASP Version)
05-23-2008 [Share] New Look CP
05-28-2008 [Share] BlackPearl-CP
05-26-2008 [Share] New Way to Register an Account! (Php Script)
05-10-2008 [Share]School System
05-03-2008 [Share] RanCP Registration Security Code Add-On
04-24-2008 [Share] Php script for counting Characters Online
03-17-2008 [Share] Reborn for RanCP (100% Working)
03-14-2008 [Share] ePoints Code Generator
03-13-2008 [Share] code generator for Rancp TopUp
02-23-2008 [Guide] RANCP using NO-IP w/ pictures
02-04-2008 [Share] HairStyle & Bright pts. Reset
11-17-2007 [Share] School CHanger (php)
11-11-2007 [Guide] Quick RANCP Installation
10-22-2007 [RANCP ADDON]For those who has error with OBLI E
11-08-2007 [Share] Display/Add/Del Item to ShopItemMap
10-28-2007 [Share] Status Page on Bling!!!
08-23-2007 [Server File] status.php

Modification Files/Guides

03-21-2011 [Share]Few new funny costumes
03-08-2011 [Release]New Weapons 01
03-05-2011 [Release] New Wing 02!
03-05-2011 [Release] New Wing 01!
03-02-2011 [Share] New Sword @Maya
03-01-2011 [SHARE] Wing gear
02-11-2011 [Guide] Solution to all frequent problems
12-24-2010 [GUIDE] How to Edit/Put Item on your NPC
11-25-2010 [SHARE] Costume Cute Casual Costume & Casual Manicure
11-13-2010 [Share] New 1 Costume!
06-15-2010 [Release] Ran2 Taiwan Palm Beach
06-12-2010 [Release] Bone Weapons Of Hillworkx
06-05-2010 [Share]New Skills Made By Hillworkx Team
09-01-2009 [Share] Tagalog Interface Gui Party Text
08-18-2009 [Guide] Change the ClubWar Day and Time
07-30-2009 [Share] RanTW 150 Buff Skill
01-26-2009 [Guide] Changing Skill Effect with your own LOGO!
04-14-2009 [MyShare] TriColour(Rainbow) RF Style Weapons!
04-09-2009 [Share] Black Crystal Set
03-09-2009 [Share] Edited item.isf with lots of new items
02-12-2009 [Share] Infinity Ep4- Modified Texture/ 2nd Generation
02-02-2009 [Release] Stylish Ep3 Ep4 Cps Weapons
01-26-2009 [Guide] Changing the Skill Effect with your own logo
01-09-2009 [Release] New Mobs and Shibuya Monsters
12-07-2008 [Release] New Astigin Costume For ALL CLASS
12-06-2008 [Release] New Custom Weapons From Ran TW...
11-26-2008 [Release] COOL WEAPONS | Tai Old Weapons | 195 Sets | EP4 Weapon | 167 - 187 Scrolls
11-16-2008 [Guide] Editing loading pictures using paint
10-31-2008 [Guide] How to change Pass your MSSQL
11-08-2008 [Release] Modified and Aligned GUI.xml Files (100%)
11-08-2008 [Share] Links Of The Chaos Maps!
11-07-2008 [Share] Flaming Set
10-23-2008 [Release] [Final Share Part1] 185 Rock Sets | 9 Taiwan Old Weapons | 195 Sets | EP4 Weapons
10-08-2008 [Guide] EP4 Weapons can now Wear by Normal Classes 95% Finished/Done!
08-25-2008 [Share] Character Selection Wallpaper + Guide
08-21-2008 [Share] Interface Main New Colors..
08-09-2008 [Share] Reshacker Guide
07-21-2008 [Share] Naruto Armors [For EP3]
07-16-2008 [Guide] Adding Additional Field Server + Hexing.
06-02-2008 [Share] dds skin tattoo for your character
04-21-2008 [Share] Sigma Pride: Blade Dancer
04-19-2008 [Share] 300 skills w/ no game.exe error
04-15-2008 [Share] Modified Weapons
04-01-2008 [Share] 1-30 Spiritual Sphere Trading
03-30-2008 [Share] New EP4 Lobi Screen with Swordie & Fighter BG
03-30-2008 [Share] The Missing char in the 2046 City Login Lobi
03-05-2008 [Share] 237~300 skil, and new GM skills
03-04-2008 [Share] Modified EP3 infinity Armors
01-24-2008 [Share] Re-Decrypted E4 Elemental Inifinity Weapons
11-15-2007 [Share] Server Select Screen RELOADED
10-14-2007 [share] EP4 quigong (Shaman) Weapon
08-25-2007 [Guide] How to play as mob in Ran ^.~
10-16-2007 [Release] Sharing the complete "I Love soccer shirts"
10-16-2007 [Release] Ep4 Eleml Weapons Ep3, Ep4 Armor

Tools Files/Guides

03-17-2011 [Release] RPM - Ran Packet Monitor v1.1.1
03-10-2011 [Share] Self Coded, incomplete CPS Editor
12-24-2010 [Share / Guide] Real Ep6 S2 GMC : How to make it work?
05-28-2010 [SHARE] Complete Tools for Ep6 season1 /Ep5 (GMC, item,skill edit and many more)
05-21-2010 [Share] EP4 Korea Tools
10-31-2010 [Release] Express Registration for Ran EP4 to EP6.2
06-22-2010 [Share] Ep6 GMC Editor v3 w/ Added New Features
05-27-2010 [Share] NpcAction Ep6
12-31-2008 [Tools] Ran Manager v.3
12-30-2008 [Tools] Ran Monitor & Pet & Statistics Editor
12-26-2008 [Tools] Botter GMC Editor
12-16-2008 [Compilation] Sofwares used for RAN server/ game.
12-15-2008 [Tools] Clickteam Installer Creator
07-14-2008 [Tools] 3d tools-new mirror
07-11-2008 [Tools] Simple tool for noob like me(Notepad++5.0)
07-11-2008 [Tools] Hidden Installer Creator in Windows XP
05-04-2008 [Tools] .x file viewer
04-19-2008 [Tools] DDS Converter 2
04-09-2008 [Tools] File Decryptor and Encryptor (English)
04-05-2008 [Tools] Encrypting your Client Files
10-06-2007 [Tools] Infranview for DDS Viewing
05-22-2007 [Server Files] EP3 Ran Glogic.rcc and Editors

MSSQL Files/Guides

11-11-2010 [Share] Pk Count
10-28-2010 [Tutorial] Making Item With Reborn Requirement
06-15-2010 [Share]Ep6 S2 Database & Migrate your ep4 -ep5 dabatase to Ep6 S2
01-16-2009 [Share] Database to Database Table Migration
11-22-2008 [Guide] Database Backup
05-11-2008 [Guide] Auto Reborn Script
10-11-2007 [Server Files] SQL Trigger Scripts Collections
08-14-2007 [Guide] AutoReborn Scripts for SQL 2005
06-15-2006 [Guide] Set Starting Default Level (SQL Trigger)

Launcher Files/Guides

12-23-2010 [Share] Perfect Ran Online Launcher v2.5 [Last Update: 23Dec]
12-04-2010 [Release] Ran Launcher v1.1 coded in vb6 w/ nice skin
11-29-2010 [Share] Customizable Launcher
06-21-2010 [Share] Yong Online Launcher
06-06-2010 [SHARE] 85 Yong AutoPatch Launcher
04-02-2010 [Release]New design Game Launcher+autopatch
03-23-2010 [Release] Launcher w/ AutoPatch
09-07-2009 [Release] Ianz Launcher 4.0
12-20-2008 [SHARE] Non-AutoPatch + Source Code Launcer
05-18-2008 [SHARE] Launcher w/ Auto Patch Source Code
12-19-2007 [SHARE] Ran Patcher Support No-ip and Resume
12-08-2007 [SHARE] AutoPatch Launcher With Download Progress and Option
10-23-2007 [SHARE] Customizable Ran Patcher now v2
10-05-2007 [SHARE] autoit For Launcher Patch Auto
08-14-2007 [Server Files] New RanLauncher with AutoPatch (Now Online.!!!!)
12-05-2006 [File] Try my RAN Launcher. Costumizable ^^

Miscellaneous Files/Guides

03-03-2011 [Share/Release] Gunner Set!
02-19-2011 [Release] 197 Skills + Bike
08-28-2010 [Share] 2010 Bike Costume
08-05-2010 [Release]Ran2 New Effects
07-30-2010 [Guide] Ran Online Season 2 Complete Glogic & Database Guide V3
07-13-2010 [Re-Post] New Items - Bikini & Masks
06-17-2010 [Guide] How to play EP6 S2 on 1PC
06-14-2010 [Share] Latest Ran2 taiwan 228 map
05-29-2010 [Guide] How to edit "Create Char all skill learn & Gift"
04-06-2010 [Share]korean to taiwan working cps + new effects!
02-09-2010 [Share] Character Selection Background
08-08-2009 [Release] Ammend Stats Reset Manually not All Stats Reset
04-02-2009 [Share] Ammend Magic
03-14-2009 [Share] Tribute to King of Rap Francis M
02-07-2009 [Share] Ex-Items
01-11-2009 [RELEASE] Glogic.rcc with 5 PETS!
12-21-2008 [Guide] Charset Explanation.
12-13-2008 [Guide] Set the Starting Skills of your Character
12-08-2008 [Guide] Glogic.rcc (Repost)
04-07-2008 [Guide] Editing GUI using Adobe Photoshop CS2
04-04-2008 [Guide] Changing first items of the character
04-30-2008 [Guide] Fix for "unable to ride the buss due to common eror"
04-18-2008 [Share] How To Use GMCharEdit
04-10-2008 [SHARE] Additional Saint Map
05-03-2008 [SHARE] Server Status Script with Announcement
03-08-2008 [Info]The SQL Injection Attack
02-16-2008 [Guide] How to edit Copyright
02-29-2008 [Share]New Lvl 300 Skill with NEW EFFECTS and Icon
09-11-2007 [Tutorial] Making Custom Items Saleable In ItemShop
09-08-2007 [Tutorial] Making a custom scrolls w/ Picture

Hosting Tools/Guides

02-09-2011 New Modified Ran IP Interceptor, Fast IP-Detect
02-09-2011 [Share] Ep6 Serverfiles - 2 Channels
08-05-2010 [Share] Autorun Server [somehow a Simple remedy for Server Crash]
07-31-2010 [Release] RoSED - LoginSvr v1.0.0 beta (w/o Hamachi\Wpe\Ip Interceptor)
12-17-2009 [Release] RAN IP Interceptor v1.06b (Bye Hamachi and WPE Project)
05-03-2009 [Share] LoginServer Fixed 100% CPU Usage Problem
03-17-2009 [Guide] HOSTING Ran Using (PLDT) Static IP
08-22-2008 [Guide] Routers Hosting Ran (PLDT)
03-25-2008 [Guide] Ran Local Area Networking (LAN).
04-11-2008 [Video Guide] Hosting Ran Without Hamachi
02-07-2008 [Guide] Server Connection Failed Totally Solved For People Behind Router
12-28-2007 [Share] Connecting Remotely To RanData on SQL2K5
12-27-2007 [Share] How Split Server?
11-06-2007 [GUIDE] Setting 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Field Servers with Pictures
09-22-2007 [GUIDE] Making 2 Channel in 1 Server [100% Working]
09-19-2007 [GUIDE] [Philippines Only] For smartBRO ranserver hosting...
09-18-2007 [Guide] Hosting ran using router witout HAMACHI(windowsXP)

Credits to all Ragezoners....mabuhay!!! 


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*Database FIX(For 1st time rancp installation)
1. Open your MSSQL2005
2. Login you MSSQL2005 account.
3. Expand the 'Databases'.
4. Expand your RanUser database
5. Expand the 'Tables'.
6. Right click on UserInfo then click 'Design'
7. Scroll down, add column namely 'UserEmail with data type 'varchar,50' . Check the box 'allow nulls'
8. Add column again namely 'UserPoint' with data type 'int,4' . Check the box 'allow nulls'
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