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RanOnline Release and Guide Resource Thread

You can find all the important and helpful threads regarding RAN Server Development Here. If I missed out any important threads, Just PM me and I'll add it in for you.

Remember: You must have an account for Ragezone before you to proceed. To register, go to Thank you and God bless...^_^

Starting Guides for Setting-up your Server:
  • Episode 3:
03-02-2011 [Guide] Ran Online Ep3 For Newbies
09-13-2009 [Release] Guide How To Make EP3 Ran Server (with steps)
01-11-2009 [Video Guide] Ran Online Ep3 Making
07-01-2008 [Guide] How to Make Your Own Server (EP3 & EP4)

  • Episode 4:
04-06-2010 [Guide] Make Your Own Server Ep4
07-01-2008 [Guide] How to Make Your Own Server (EP3 & EP4)

  • Episode 5/Epidose 6 Season 1:
05-26-2010 [Guide] Setting Up Your Own Ran Online Ep5 For Newbie
  • Episode 6 Season 2:
01-06-2011 [Guide] Official Guide on Setting Up an Ep6 S2 Server
  • Battle Royale:
05-26-2010 [Release] Ranonline Battle Royale Client And Server Files Version 1

EP6s2 Client / Server Modifications

01-16-2011 [Share] Surfboard for Ep6 Season 2
11-08-2010 [Re-Share]Perfect EP6 S2 Client :D

EP6s1(EP5) Client / Server Modifications

06-06-2010 [Share] OmegaRAN Online Ep6S1 Client
05-28-2010 [Guide] to use Emulator [EP6s1/EP5 Only]
05-24-2010 [Share] Share 2 Working EP5[6] Client

EP4 Client / Server Modifications

04-05-2009 [Release] CHF Normal Character Height
03-21-2009 [Share] RanTW 2009 177 Skill
01-03-2009 [Share] New Emotions
12-09-2008 [Release] 7- 247 Ep4 Skills.
11-30-2008 [Guide] Video Guide On Making EP4 Server
11-29-2008 [Dev/Release] Triggers Compilation
11-28-2008 [Release] Complete Pet DB for EP4
11-22-2008 [Release] BK's GMC
11-11-2008 [Release] Ep4 Quest Editor
10-07-2008 [Guide] How to use mob_gen_ex command
09-24-2008 [Share] Ran episode 4 clients w/ Mirrors included
09-17-2008 [Share] Ep4 Ran Client and Patches
08-15-2008 [Share] Realigned & corrected Question Item
08-12-2008 [Share] EP4Servers Compact Edition w/ServerManger
07-24-2008 [Share] 100% English NPC for EP4
07-15-2008 [Share] My 300 skills for EP4 and english mini maps!!
07-13-2008 [Share] Item.isf w/ PUM & 157mix class brawler skill
07-09-2008 [Development] Official Development For PetDB
06-30-2008 [Guide] Converting EP3 DB to EP4 DB
06-11-2008 [Share] database RanGame1, Haircolor & Hairstyle fixed..
06-06-2008 [Guide] How to run just only 1 field server in our EP4 project

EP3 mixed EP4 Client / Server Modifications

04-06-2009 [Share] EP8 & EPX Weapon Cps for EP3 Client
03-21-2009 [Share] RanTW 2009 Death Jail Map
03-15-2009 [Share] Episode 4 Honoured CPS. for EP3 Client
10-11-2008 [Release] Most dependable client for ep3
10-27-2008 [Share]Ran Online Ep3 Clients w/ MIRRORS
07-09-2008 [Share]New Mixed EP3-EP4 Client Mirror
07-08-2008 [Share]How to Decrypt and Use EP4 default.charclass
04-20-2008 [Share] Near perfect Client of URO Network ^_^
02-18-2008 [Server Files] Premodified EP4 Server Files: Mini Edition
02-17-2008 [Client Files] English Mini Maps.
12-23-2007 [Guide] Tutorial Making Ran Offline with video, ranserver & ranclient ep4
06-01-2006 [Guide] 3rd part Setting up ODBC with pictures...
06-01-2006 [Guide] Howto: Install RAN Online With Pictures.

Hexing Guides

04-09-2009 [Share] How to make a Scroll for your Skill
04-08-2009 [Guide] Changing loginman movement
04-06-2009 [Guide] Solving "Can't Load SkinObject, Wrong Version" error.
04-05-2009 [Guide] Hex The Item to Make it Upgraded already while at the item.isf
01-12-2009 [Guide] How to Remove Totally the Expiration of the item
01-03-2009 [Guide] Put - Remove Expiration- Tradable or Non-tradable
12-03-2008 [Guide] How To Make Scroll By Hexing Item.isf
11-22-2008 [Guide] Adding/Transferring Items from one item.isf to other
10-23-2008 [Guide] How To EDIT the Damage, Icon and Gen ID by HEXING
03-19-2008 [Share] Create,Modify,Design your New Armor from old

Ran Control Panel/Web Files/Guides

03-13-2011 [Release] Blue Website (BabyRan CP)
02-13-2011 [Re-Share] BossRAN Control Panel ASP Version
01-22-2011 [Share] RanOnline Blogger Template
12-24-2010 [Share] Aether Ran Dutch X CP
09-01-2009 [Release] Jeyci RanCP
04-03-2009 [Share] New Status.php v1.0
03-15-2009 [Guide] How to Open a RAN WebServer ASP Version (ising IIS)
02-05-2009 [Release]Web Anti-Inject Protection
12-20-2008 [Compilation] All Web Server
12-10-2008 [Guide] Making RANCP for Newbies with video tutorial
12-01-2008 [Development] Character Creation Thru CP
11-22-2008 [Release] Mirrors of CiMeD's Files For RanCP
11-20-2008 [Release] Mod. Rancp for ep4
08-25-2008 [Share]Status.php with Pet System ^_^!!
08-11-2008 [Share] Modified RanCP with mixclass changing.
08-05-2008 [Share] New RAN Web
07-25-2008 [Guide] How to make Your own RanCP (ASP Version)
05-23-2008 [Share] New Look CP
05-28-2008 [Share] BlackPearl-CP
05-26-2008 [Share] New Way to Register an Account! (Php Script)
05-10-2008 [Share]School System
05-03-2008 [Share] RanCP Registration Security Code Add-On
04-24-2008 [Share] Php script for counting Characters Online
03-17-2008 [Share] Reborn for RanCP (100% Working)
03-14-2008 [Share] ePoints Code Generator
03-13-2008 [Share] code generator for Rancp TopUp
02-23-2008 [Guide] RANCP using NO-IP w/ pictures
02-04-2008 [Share] HairStyle & Bright pts. Reset
11-17-2007 [Share] School CHanger (php)
11-11-2007 [Guide] Quick RANCP Installation
10-22-2007 [RANCP ADDON]For those who has error with OBLI E
11-08-2007 [Share] Display/Add/Del Item to ShopItemMap
10-28-2007 [Share] Status Page on Bling!!!
08-23-2007 [Server File] status.php

Modification Files/Guides

03-21-2011 [Share]Few new funny costumes
03-08-2011 [Release]New Weapons 01
03-05-2011 [Release] New Wing 02!
03-05-2011 [Release] New Wing 01!
03-02-2011 [Share] New Sword @Maya
03-01-2011 [SHARE] Wing gear
02-11-2011 [Guide] Solution to all frequent problems
12-24-2010 [GUIDE] How to Edit/Put Item on your NPC
11-25-2010 [SHARE] Costume Cute Casual Costume & Casual Manicure
11-13-2010 [Share] New 1 Costume!
06-15-2010 [Release] Ran2 Taiwan Palm Beach
06-12-2010 [Release] Bone Weapons Of Hillworkx
06-05-2010 [Share]New Skills Made By Hillworkx Team
09-01-2009 [Share] Tagalog Interface Gui Party Text
08-18-2009 [Guide] Change the ClubWar Day and Time
07-30-2009 [Share] RanTW 150 Buff Skill
01-26-2009 [Guide] Changing Skill Effect with your own LOGO!
04-14-2009 [MyShare] TriColour(Rainbow) RF Style Weapons!
04-09-2009 [Share] Black Crystal Set
03-09-2009 [Share] Edited item.isf with lots of new items
02-12-2009 [Share] Infinity Ep4- Modified Texture/ 2nd Generation
02-02-2009 [Release] Stylish Ep3 Ep4 Cps Weapons
01-26-2009 [Guide] Changing the Skill Effect with your own logo
01-09-2009 [Release] New Mobs and Shibuya Monsters
12-07-2008 [Release] New Astigin Costume For ALL CLASS
12-06-2008 [Release] New Custom Weapons From Ran TW...
11-26-2008 [Release] COOL WEAPONS | Tai Old Weapons | 195 Sets | EP4 Weapon | 167 - 187 Scrolls
11-16-2008 [Guide] Editing loading pictures using paint
10-31-2008 [Guide] How to change Pass your MSSQL
11-08-2008 [Release] Modified and Aligned GUI.xml Files (100%)
11-08-2008 [Share] Links Of The Chaos Maps!
11-07-2008 [Share] Flaming Set
10-23-2008 [Release] [Final Share Part1] 185 Rock Sets | 9 Taiwan Old Weapons | 195 Sets | EP4 Weapons
10-08-2008 [Guide] EP4 Weapons can now Wear by Normal Classes 95% Finished/Done!
08-25-2008 [Share] Character Selection Wallpaper + Guide
08-21-2008 [Share] Interface Main New Colors..
08-09-2008 [Share] Reshacker Guide
07-21-2008 [Share] Naruto Armors [For EP3]
07-16-2008 [Guide] Adding Additional Field Server + Hexing.
06-02-2008 [Share] dds skin tattoo for your character
04-21-2008 [Share] Sigma Pride: Blade Dancer
04-19-2008 [Share] 300 skills w/ no game.exe error
04-15-2008 [Share] Modified Weapons
04-01-2008 [Share] 1-30 Spiritual Sphere Trading
03-30-2008 [Share] New EP4 Lobi Screen with Swordie & Fighter BG
03-30-2008 [Share] The Missing char in the 2046 City Login Lobi
03-05-2008 [Share] 237~300 skil, and new GM skills
03-04-2008 [Share] Modified EP3 infinity Armors
01-24-2008 [Share] Re-Decrypted E4 Elemental Inifinity Weapons
11-15-2007 [Share] Server Select Screen RELOADED
10-14-2007 [share] EP4 quigong (Shaman) Weapon
08-25-2007 [Guide] How to play as mob in Ran ^.~
10-16-2007 [Release] Sharing the complete "I Love soccer shirts"
10-16-2007 [Release] Ep4 Eleml Weapons Ep3, Ep4 Armor

Tools Files/Guides

03-17-2011 [Release] RPM - Ran Packet Monitor v1.1.1
03-10-2011 [Share] Self Coded, incomplete CPS Editor
12-24-2010 [Share / Guide] Real Ep6 S2 GMC : How to make it work?
05-28-2010 [SHARE] Complete Tools for Ep6 season1 /Ep5 (GMC, item,skill edit and many more)
05-21-2010 [Share] EP4 Korea Tools
10-31-2010 [Release] Express Registration for Ran EP4 to EP6.2
06-22-2010 [Share] Ep6 GMC Editor v3 w/ Added New Features
05-27-2010 [Share] NpcAction Ep6
12-31-2008 [Tools] Ran Manager v.3
12-30-2008 [Tools] Ran Monitor & Pet & Statistics Editor
12-26-2008 [Tools] Botter GMC Editor
12-16-2008 [Compilation] Sofwares used for RAN server/ game.
12-15-2008 [Tools] Clickteam Installer Creator
07-14-2008 [Tools] 3d tools-new mirror
07-11-2008 [Tools] Simple tool for noob like me(Notepad++5.0)
07-11-2008 [Tools] Hidden Installer Creator in Windows XP
05-04-2008 [Tools] .x file viewer
04-19-2008 [Tools] DDS Converter 2
04-09-2008 [Tools] File Decryptor and Encryptor (English)
04-05-2008 [Tools] Encrypting your Client Files
10-06-2007 [Tools] Infranview for DDS Viewing
05-22-2007 [Server Files] EP3 Ran Glogic.rcc and Editors

MSSQL Files/Guides

11-11-2010 [Share] Pk Count
10-28-2010 [Tutorial] Making Item With Reborn Requirement
06-15-2010 [Share]Ep6 S2 Database & Migrate your ep4 -ep5 dabatase to Ep6 S2
01-16-2009 [Share] Database to Database Table Migration
11-22-2008 [Guide] Database Backup
05-11-2008 [Guide] Auto Reborn Script
10-11-2007 [Server Files] SQL Trigger Scripts Collections
08-14-2007 [Guide] AutoReborn Scripts for SQL 2005
06-15-2006 [Guide] Set Starting Default Level (SQL Trigger)

Launcher Files/Guides

12-23-2010 [Share] Perfect Ran Online Launcher v2.5 [Last Update: 23Dec]
12-04-2010 [Release] Ran Launcher v1.1 coded in vb6 w/ nice skin
11-29-2010 [Share] Customizable Launcher
06-21-2010 [Share] Yong Online Launcher
06-06-2010 [SHARE] 85 Yong AutoPatch Launcher
04-02-2010 [Release]New design Game Launcher+autopatch
03-23-2010 [Release] Launcher w/ AutoPatch
09-07-2009 [Release] Ianz Launcher 4.0
12-20-2008 [SHARE] Non-AutoPatch + Source Code Launcer
05-18-2008 [SHARE] Launcher w/ Auto Patch Source Code
12-19-2007 [SHARE] Ran Patcher Support No-ip and Resume
12-08-2007 [SHARE] AutoPatch Launcher With Download Progress and Option
10-23-2007 [SHARE] Customizable Ran Patcher now v2
10-05-2007 [SHARE] autoit For Launcher Patch Auto
08-14-2007 [Server Files] New RanLauncher with AutoPatch (Now Online.!!!!)
12-05-2006 [File] Try my RAN Launcher. Costumizable ^^

Miscellaneous Files/Guides

03-03-2011 [Share/Release] Gunner Set!
02-19-2011 [Release] 197 Skills + Bike
08-28-2010 [Share] 2010 Bike Costume
08-05-2010 [Release]Ran2 New Effects
07-30-2010 [Guide] Ran Online Season 2 Complete Glogic & Database Guide V3
07-13-2010 [Re-Post] New Items - Bikini & Masks
06-17-2010 [Guide] How to play EP6 S2 on 1PC
06-14-2010 [Share] Latest Ran2 taiwan 228 map
05-29-2010 [Guide] How to edit "Create Char all skill learn & Gift"
04-06-2010 [Share]korean to taiwan working cps + new effects!
02-09-2010 [Share] Character Selection Background
08-08-2009 [Release] Ammend Stats Reset Manually not All Stats Reset
04-02-2009 [Share] Ammend Magic
03-14-2009 [Share] Tribute to King of Rap Francis M
02-07-2009 [Share] Ex-Items
01-11-2009 [RELEASE] Glogic.rcc with 5 PETS!
12-21-2008 [Guide] Charset Explanation.
12-13-2008 [Guide] Set the Starting Skills of your Character
12-08-2008 [Guide] Glogic.rcc (Repost)
04-07-2008 [Guide] Editing GUI using Adobe Photoshop CS2
04-04-2008 [Guide] Changing first items of the character
04-30-2008 [Guide] Fix for "unable to ride the buss due to common eror"
04-18-2008 [Share] How To Use GMCharEdit
04-10-2008 [SHARE] Additional Saint Map
05-03-2008 [SHARE] Server Status Script with Announcement
03-08-2008 [Info]The SQL Injection Attack
02-16-2008 [Guide] How to edit Copyright
02-29-2008 [Share]New Lvl 300 Skill with NEW EFFECTS and Icon
09-11-2007 [Tutorial] Making Custom Items Saleable In ItemShop
09-08-2007 [Tutorial] Making a custom scrolls w/ Picture

Hosting Tools/Guides

02-09-2011 New Modified Ran IP Interceptor, Fast IP-Detect
02-09-2011 [Share] Ep6 Serverfiles - 2 Channels
08-05-2010 [Share] Autorun Server [somehow a Simple remedy for Server Crash]
07-31-2010 [Release] RoSED - LoginSvr v1.0.0 beta (w/o Hamachi\Wpe\Ip Interceptor)
12-17-2009 [Release] RAN IP Interceptor v1.06b (Bye Hamachi and WPE Project)
05-03-2009 [Share] LoginServer Fixed 100% CPU Usage Problem
03-17-2009 [Guide] HOSTING Ran Using (PLDT) Static IP
08-22-2008 [Guide] Routers Hosting Ran (PLDT)
03-25-2008 [Guide] Ran Local Area Networking (LAN).
04-11-2008 [Video Guide] Hosting Ran Without Hamachi
02-07-2008 [Guide] Server Connection Failed Totally Solved For People Behind Router
12-28-2007 [Share] Connecting Remotely To RanData on SQL2K5
12-27-2007 [Share] How Split Server?
11-06-2007 [GUIDE] Setting 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 Field Servers with Pictures
09-22-2007 [GUIDE] Making 2 Channel in 1 Server [100% Working]
09-19-2007 [GUIDE] [Philippines Only] For smartBRO ranserver hosting...
09-18-2007 [Guide] Hosting ran using router witout HAMACHI(windowsXP)

Credits to all Ragezoners....mabuhay!!! 

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